How to clean the makeup brush is the correct way

2020-11-12 11:52:07 hongling

How to clean the makeup brush is the correct way? The following is the experience summarized by our cosmetic brush wholesaler over the years:

1. Initial cleaning of makeup brushes

Turn on the faucet and soak the makeup brush head with water. The effect of this is to slow down the adhesion of cosmetics to the makeup brush and make it easy to clean.

Note: Do not let the handle of the cosmetic brush get cold water, lest the water enters the interior through the gap of the handle of the cosmetic brush, which may cause mold.

2. Wash off stains from makeup brushes (important)

Put soap or toothpaste on the head of the makeup brush, and make a circular motion on a softer place or palm, with moderate force, do not use force, so as not to remove the makeup bristles;

Note: Do not scrub directly with your hands, hard or frequent scrubbing, the makeup bristles will easily fall off;

3. Clean the makeup brush

After the stains on the makeup brush are washed off, the foam can be washed off. After cleaning, first squeeze the moisture from the makeup brush with your hands (attention, don't get rid of the makeup bristles), then gently shake it with your hands a few times, and dry the water on the handle with a towel;

Note: In this link, a certain degree of attention is required to avoid removing the makeup bristles;

4. Dry

Put the makeup brush in the protective cover of the makeup brush. Pay attention to the direction of the brush head of the makeup brush. Remember to put the head of the makeup brush downwards. Just let the brush dry.