The correct way to distinguish makeup brushes (1)

2020-11-12 11:58:58 hongling

Nowadays, there are various kinds of makeup brushes, so many people do not know the correct way to distinguish makeup brushes. If there is no correct method, it will have a certain impact on our makeup. So, next we will talk about how to distinguish makeup brushes:

1. Eyebrow comb or round shaft brush:

  They are used to comb the eyebrows or separate the glued eyelashes. These two makeup brushes are one of the most suitable tools for finishing makeup after makeup.

Second, eye shadow brush

  In a set of basic makeup tools, three eye shadow brushes are enough to meet the needs of various eye shadows. If you want to buy, buy all three of them together. The large brush is used to make the light-colored eyeshadow base, and the medium and small brushes are used to refine the eyeshadow.

Three, concealer brush

  The function is to apply cream-like cosmetics to areas that need concealment such as spots, acne marks and under the eyes.

Four, blush brush

  Generally, the blush brush will be softer. The medium size has different sizes and round and flat brushes. The long and soft brush allows you to apply powder makeup without destroying the base makeup. It is a blush, contour and Other make-up artist tools for large area powder application.