The correct way to distinguish makeup brushes (2)

2020-11-12 12:43:37 hongling

Nowadays, there are various kinds of makeup brushes, so many people do not know the correct way to distinguish makeup brushes. If there is no correct method, it will have a certain impact on our makeup. So, next we will talk about how to distinguish makeup brushes:

1. Bevel brush

  The bevel brush is a makeup brush with multiple functions. It is the best choice for eyeliner and eyebrows. The size and shape of this makeup brush can create a natural feel on the eyebrows, and it is easy to apply the product to the eyeliner.

Two, lip brush

  Lip brushes can make it easier for people to apply makeup on their lips. First dip the brush head with appropriate makeup, and then slowly apply from the center of the lips to both sides. You can use the tip of the brush to draw a beautiful lip line to make your makeup more beautiful.

Three, loose paint

  Loose paint is an indispensable and very important tool in most makeup artists' toolboxes. Dip the brush with loose powder, and then sweep the whole face. It can spread the powder evenly, making the makeup effect natural and not artificial, and the effect will be more natural than using a powder puff.

Four, foundation brush

  The base makeup made by brushing with foundation will be more translucent and will not make people feel heavy. It can prevent the product from being over-absorbed during makeup, which saves costs; it can also prevent the cosmetics from remaining in the fine lines, so that the cosmetics can be polished on the skin and make the makeup more beautiful.