The difference between single eyelid and double eyelid eye shadow color selection

2020-11-12 12:44:36 hongling

Eye shadow is a part of eye makeup, and it is also a difficult part to master. Eye shadow can give the eyes a three-dimensional effect, and through the tension of the color, make the whole face charming and moving, so it is necessary to learn how to draw eye shadow.


Eye shadow color selection

It is recommended to choose earth color, which is very versatile;

Asians have yellow skin, brown, yellow and other skin tones. Don’t try too light colors. Don’t use yellow, and light colors, such as pink, light blue, light green, etc.; brown is suitable for Asia whether it is dyed hair or makeup Human skin color and temperament are the safest colors. For example, coffee, gray, and deep purple are all suitable for you. Sometimes just two colors of black and gray can make you look cool.


The difference between using eye shadow on double eyelid and single eyelid

There are many colors that can be matched with double eyelids; if it is a single eyelid, darker colors such as dark brown, coffee, deep purple, etc. should be used to avoid swelling of the eyelids.