How to quickly learn to make an eye shadow brush?

2020-11-12 12:48:31 hongling

Today, our makeup brush manufacturer will share with you how to use the eye shadow brush.

   First draw the eyelids, and use a flat-head brush to draw the basic color. When brushing, use your hand to gently brush, so that the tail of the eye can make the eye makeup softer.

   Then use the eyeshadow brush to give the eye makeup a sense of color. The long handle design of the eyeshadow brush makes it easy to use and can show its delicate lines. It can also shape the shadow of the nose. The bristles of eyeshadow brushes can be generally divided into horse hair, wool and mink hair. The first two are more common and the price is average. Mink hair is soft and durable. It is a better material for bristles, and of course it is more expensive.

   Choose a good eye shadow brush, look for flexible, elastic, smooth and easy to shape; in addition, it has a suitable curvature for easy application of eye shadow.