Do you know how to use various makeup brushes and techniques?

2020-11-12 12:56:16 hongling

In the makeup process, we have an indispensable tool is the makeup brush. The material of the brush head of the makeup brush is generally divided into two types: one is animal hair. The makeup brush made of animal hair is softer, which is also good for dyeing, and has a more appearance. Beautiful; the other is fiber. Makeup brushes made of fiber have better hardness and are suitable for brushing eyebrows. The following is how to use various types of makeup brushes:

   First, let’s introduce the eye shadow brush:

  There are many models of eye shadow brushes, with different sizes and different places of use. A slightly larger eye shadow brush is more suitable for processing large areas of color. Of course, the smaller one is OK for handling details;

  Then loose paint:

  The loose powder brush is used to set makeup. How to use it: first take an appropriate amount of loose powder, set the makeup on the face, and then remove the excess loose powder. It should be noted that some areas are not easy to brush, such as: nose sockets, corners of the eyes, these areas can be improved with powder brush to complete the delicate makeup.

  Blush brush:

  Ordinary blush brushes are similar to loose powder brushes, and some are slightly smaller than loose powder brushes. However, it is generally designed as an oblique mouth, which is more convenient for painting;

  Eyebrow powder brush:

  The eyebrow powder brush is also designed with an oblique mouth. Take an appropriate amount of eyebrow powder to draw the contour of the eyebrow, and then use the eyebrow pencil to modify it carefully to make the eyebrows look more beautiful.

  Floating paint:

  The shape of the floating powder brush is very similar to a fan. It is used to remove the powder left on the face during the makeup process, making the makeup more beautiful and tidy.

  Foundation Brush:

  The foundation brush is usually used to brush foundation cream and liquid foundation. When using the foundation brush, apply it evenly on the face without pits and uneven thickness. It is best to use a wet sponge after brushing, it will look more beautiful and natural.

  Eyebrow comb:

  The eyebrow comb has 2 sides, one side is a comb surface, which is used to comb the shape of the eyebrows and make it easier to trim eyebrows. One side is the combing side, which is used to clean the remaining hair and impurities in the eyebrows.

  Modify the brush:

  The brush head of the modification brush is very small, and the main function is to dip the foundation to conceal the flaws in the makeup, and deal with the improperness of individual places.

  Lip brush:

  The hair quality of the lip brush is usually a bit hard, and the brush head is relatively small. This design can better control the brush head and make the contour more three-dimensional.


 Make-up brushes can be used flexibly, and you don’t have to follow the methods described here. If you want to draw a satisfactory makeup look and fully understand the tools you use, you can make better use of it.