What makeup brush should a novice choose?

2020-11-12 12:58:25 hongling

What makeup brush should a novice choose?

To be honest, for a novice who has stepped on mine many times, it is better to give priority to animal hair when choosing a makeup brush.

At least the makeup is not dirty, and the animal hair makeup brush is very cost-effective.

Question: Editor, I received the makeup brush. The hair quality is very good. For the first time, I’m a little unskilled. [Smile R], I’m an oily skin. I always feel stuck on both sides of my nose after brushing. Solve it [shy R]

Answer: Do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing first. If the nose is particularly dry, use a lipstick, a little bit, to press down the peeled area, and use a beauty egg to press it.

Question: Which one is more suitable for novices, beauty egg or cushion puff?

Pores are related to the makeup primer, liquid foundation, and the state of the skin itself. I don’t think the cushion puff can be invisible with just one swipe. A wet makeup egg is more suitable for novices than an air cushion puff. The advantages of too many makeup eggs are not comparable to an air cushion puff.

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