Which makeup brush has better bristles?

2020-07-08 18:51:02

As we all know, the materials of makeup brushes are mainly divided into two categories: artificial hair and animal hair. Artificial hair and animal hair are not different in appearance, but they feel very different. The following editor will take you to see what kind of makeup brush hair is good. use.

  One: artificial fiber wool

  Advantage: better for sensitive muscles, no animal hair smell, harder. The biggest advantage of the brush for artificial hair is that it is not afraid of water and grease, and it is more washable, so most foundation brushes, eyeliner brushes, and lip brushes are artificial fiber hair.

   Disadvantages: The blooming power is average, and it is relatively hard.

   1. Wool

  Advantages: The most common material, good blooming, powder catching, coloring, more or less smelly. Wool is the main source of animal bristles and brushes.

   Disadvantages: The low-grade wool brush has no hair peaks, and the hair quality is relatively rough, and the touch is tied.

   2. Horse hair

   Advantages: Washed pony hair is a little bit hard, but the powder is strong and tough, and the color is good.

   Disadvantages: The cheap horse hair brush will be a little bit tied, and it will often be mixed into the bristles of other materials to reduce costs. According to the evaluation of netizens, the best horse hair brush is currently in Huangyoutang.

   makeup brush

   3. Squirrel hair

   Advantages: The hair roots are finely dyed and very soft. The upper face is like a spring breeze, and there is a natural luster after applying makeup.

   Disadvantages: Because it is too soft, the color is relatively soft, and the brush type is fluffy. It is suitable for brushes (such as shadow brushes) for heavy color powder products, and the price is relatively expensive.

   4. Squirrel hair

  Advantage: The hair is smooth and soft.

   Disadvantages: The hair is very dense and the body is loose, so it is more suitable for small size brushes.

   5. Yellow Wolf Hair, Mink Hair

  Advantages: good elasticity, like fiber wool is very suitable for grasping cream! It is far ahead in color picking. Many eye shadow brushes and eyebrow brushes are made of this material~

   Disadvantages: general blooming power, more suitable for lip brushes, eyeliner brushes, and expensive.