What are the symptoms of facial cosmetic allergies?

2020-07-08 18:36:52 hongling

What are the symptoms of facial cosmetic allergies?


After using cosmetics, facial redness and swelling is a common symptom of facial cosmetic allergies, mainly manifested as facial redness and swelling, and the symptoms are quite serious. If the symptoms are red and swollen for a few days, this is a cosmetic allergic reaction, so it is not Can continue to use this kind of cosmetics.


Many women use some cosmetics and skin, become dry and tight, and may even feel itchy and painful symptoms. In fact, this is also a symptom of cosmetic allergies. If the cosmetic steps are not correct, it will also cause the skin to become rough and dry. First, the skin should be fully hydrated and moisturized, then use the cream and sunscreen, and finally use cosmetics, so as to ensure the skin's nutrients, You can avoid the symptoms of facial cosmetic allergies.


After using cosmetics, if the skin has an uncomfortable phenomenon, especially when itchy symptoms appear on the face, you must stop using cosmetics, because the facial skin is relatively delicate, and continuous use of cosmetics will cause great skin Irritation and damage.

Pimples, rashes

The appearance of pimples and rashes is also an allergy symptom that many women experience after using cosmetics. In severe cases, pimples will spread all over the facial skin, and red rashes will continue to come out, which will seriously affect the cosmetic appearance, so also Cosmetics should be stopped immediately.

Peeling and scaling

After many people use cosmetics, the skin will have peeling and blood loss, but many women will mistakenly think that it is only caused by dry weather or insufficient hydration, which is not the case. This is also a common symptom of cosmetic allergies. When symptoms occur, you should stop using it immediately. When choosing cosmetics, it is best to choose some products that can provide moisturizing properties.

Redness, burning

Redness and burning on the face are a serious symptom of cosmetic allergies. After use, you will feel hot and hot, and your face is abnormally flushed. In fact, this is also an allergic symptom caused by cosmetics, so don't ignore it This symptom is likely to cause more serious skin problems.


Every woman has a heart for beauty, but when you love beauty, you must master the correct method. When you use cosmetics, you will have symptoms of skin allergies, which should be highly valued. Find the cause of allergies. If it is cosmetics If it is caused, you should stop using it immediately. If the symptoms are serious, you should consult the doctor in time and take corresponding measures.