What supplies can replace makeup brushes

2020-07-08 18:39:53

What supplies can replace makeup brushes

Make-up brushes are a must-have make-up tool, but in daily life, you will always encounter the awkward situation of forgetting to bring a make-up brush. At this time, you must look for daily supplies that can replace the make-up brushes. So, which daily supplies can replace the make-up brushes How about flexibly using the following 5 daily necessities for home, you can have beautiful makeup without makeup brush.

Small tool that can replace makeup brush

1. Toothbrush

Can replace: eyebrow brush

A brand new toothbrush can work wonders. It can be used as a brow brush to comb the eyebrows, it can also be used to exfoliate and massage the lips, so that you can get rid of the trouble of lip lines when applying lipstick.

2. Tissue

Can be replaced: loose stucco

If you don't have makeup powder on hand, you can take a soft paper towel, tear it in half, take a single piece, and put it on the left and right sides of the face. The fibers in the paper towel can be stained with excess powder and excess oil. When putting on smokey makeup, you can also put a paper towel on the lower eyelid to prevent the peeled eyeshadow powder from getting on the eyelid.

3. Cotton swabs

Alternative: lip brush

Cotton swabs are already a must-have for cosmetic bags and are often used to correct make-up mistakes: including mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick. The cotton swab can also be used as a lip brush. Use it to pick up a liquid lipstick. Its size is suitable for evenly flushing the lips. Cotton swabs can also be used to apply solid lipsticks when dipped in water.

4. Cotton pad

Alternative: blush brush

The round cotton pad is generally used to apply toner, but it can also be used to apply blush powder. Dip the blush gently with a piece of cotton pad and put it gently on the cheekbones. The color of the blush is applied to the face without leaving any powder. The effect is very natural and even. Because it is easy to stick powder and easy to absorb powder, cotton pads are also suitable to replace solid powder such as powder.