Aromatherapy humidifier failure reason

2020-07-08 18:56:31

Aromatherapy humidifier failure reason?

As long as the switch is turned on, less than one second, the aroma humidifier will automatically turn off immediately

1. Please confirm whether there is water in the container? Or is there sufficient water? ---Please fill water into the water tank - Does the adapter and the machine accept it? ——Please confirm that the adapter is connected to this product. To confirm whether it is connected, please unplug the product from the product again, then plug it in and try again.

2. No spray or abnormal spray, is there too little water in the water tank? Or too much? ——Please go to the humidifier in the water tank. If the water in the tank exceeds 50ml, the spray may also be abnormal. Is the ultrasonic atomizing sheet stained? ——Please clean the air inlet at the bottom of the container covered with dust? ——If the air inlet on the base is covered with dust, the amount of air extraction will be greatly reduced, resulting in insufficient wind to spray the mist.

3. If the aroma humidifier leaks, is the top cover properly closed? ——Reinstall the upper cover

Is the temperature too low or too high? ——If the temperature is too low or too high, the mist on the surface can easily gather together to form water droplets.